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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Honest Nutrition: Omega-3 fats, depression and mood disorders

Here is a review:
Honest Nutrition: Omega-3 fats, depression and mood disorders
 by Neil Levin ( of several research articles on the impact of omega-3 fish oils on mental disorders.  Most of the studies failed to control the omega-6 intake of the patients and thus the impact of the omega-3 oils would be expected to be minimized or confused by the uncontrolled nature of the experimental population.  The bottom line observed over and over again, is that even without controlling for the level of initial inflammation, omega-3 oils lower chronic inflammation and as a consequence disease symptoms are reduced -- many mental disorders are the symptoms of chronic inflammation.  This is reminiscent of Linus Pauling demonstrating that many mental disorders were symptoms of vitamin deficiencies.

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