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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Healthy Gut Microbiota Means: No Supplements, No Cleanses, No Drugs, No Processed Foods

A healthy, functional gut microbiota (bacteria and fungi) supplies all of the vitamins needed, stimulates the development of a balanced immune system and promotes vitality.  If you feed and maintain the diversity of the pounds of bacteria in your gut, you will be healthy.  If you listen to the medical and food industries, you will be sick, i.e. a good patient/consumer.

Supplements Compensate for Deficiencies/Sickness
The key to this discussion is the functions of the healthy communities of bacteria and fungi called the gut microbiota.  These pounds of bacteria produce all of the vitamins that your body needs, and spiking your diet with multivitamins may disrupt your microbiota, because vitamins are actually the chemical signals used for communications between bacteria in biofilms.  Numerous studies have shown that daily multivitamins are not beneficial, so if you see extra vitamins on the ingredients label, try some whole foods instead.  If, however, you have been exposed to antibiotics or other medications, since most have potent antibiotic activities, then your gut bacteria may not be producing vitamins normally, and you may need to supplement.  Vitamin deficiencies are a symptom of gut dysbiosis, damaged gut microbiota.

Vitamin D is a Steroid Hormone Produced from Cholesterol in Skin by Sunlight
Most people know that sunlight striking skin produces vitamin D, but they still think that they can get a significant amount of vitamin D from their diet.  The confusion comes from the fact that vitamin D is a major hormone that influences many body systems including bone production and immunity.  So in the absence of skin production of vitamin D, the low amounts added to milk are sufficient to prevent deficiency/rickets.  However, chronic inflammation can block solar production of vitamin D, so that even individuals near the equator and basking daily still remain deficient.  Vitamin D deficiency may also, insidiously, be a major source of chronic inflammation.  Thus, most individuals treated for deficiency with supplemental vitamin D3, do not reach high enough levels to suppress chronic inflammation and restart solar production, so they remain deficient.  Chronic inflammation is a symptom of vitamin D deficiency.

Bowel Cleanses Damage Gut Microbiota
The bowels are a long tubelike conveyance and it takes food about a day to travel from table to toilet.  In the colon, all of the plant polysaccharide fibers remaining after removal of sugar, starch, fat and protein, are digested by enzymes of the microbiota and converted into more bacteria and short chain fatty acids that feed the colon tissue. There is nothing toxic left behind in the colon. Protein from meat is readily digested in the stomach and the first part of the small intestines.  Plant materials cannot be digested without the help of a complex array of hundreds of enzymes produced by gut bacteria.  Food intolerances are caused by the loss of particular bacterial species needed for complete digestion of one type of plant fiber.  The bacteria form the stools, and insufficient healthy bowel bacteria, normally fed by the fiber, is the cause of constipation.  Clearly, flushing out bacteria with a "cleanse" is unhealthy and counterproductive.  There is nothing in the colon but gut bacteria and fiber to feed the bacteria. Those bacteria are needed for vitamin production, normal development of the immune system and normal stools.  A cleanse merely removes healthy gut bacteria and leads to constipation or replacement by pathogens. 

Processing Removes Prebiotic Fiber from Food and Starves Gut Microbiota
Diverse and complex plant polysaccharides, e.g. pectin, arabinogalactan, various glucans and fructans, are systematically digested by hundreds of different bacterial enzymes of the healthy gut microbiota.  The sugars that result are eventually converted into short chain fatty acids, such as butyrate, that feed the cells lining the colon.  The plant polysaccharides that feed gut bacteria are called prebiotics.  Unfortunately, prebiotics are removed during food processing to enhance ease of preparation and palatability.  The result of decreased dietary prebiotics is selective starvation and removal of bacterial species needed for the development of the immune system, and autoimmune diseases.

Most Medicines Have Substantial Antibiotic Activity and Damage Gut Microbiota
It is not surprising that antibiotics damage the bacteria in the gut.  What most people don’t realize is that most pharmaceuticals/medicines are developed from the natural antibiotics of plants, phytoalexins.  Numerous recent studies have demonstrated most common medicines, e.g. statins, NSAID, antidepressants, etc. have substantial antibiotic activity and damage gut bacteria.  Surgeons commonly suggest that patients eat yogurt to help repair their gut micro biomes after operations and antibiotics, but they don’t tell them how to fix their gut and immune system as they take medications for the rest of their lives.  The permanently damaged gut just causes further deterioration of the immune system and health.

Damaged Gut Microbiotas/Immune Systems Can Be Fixed
I have several other posts on repair of gut microbiota.

Examination of antimicrobial activity of selected non-antibiotic medicinal preparations.
Kruszewska H1, Zareba T, Tyski S.   Acta Pol Pharm. 2012.  69(6):1368-71.


Raj said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rob said...

On the topic of food sensitivity .. my daughter appears to be sensitive to a class of acidic foods. These include yogurt, tomato, citrus and vinegar containing foods (mustard, for example). Does this sound to you like a specific species or two is missing, or more like a symptom of a disregulated/overactive immune system more generally?

She was formula fed (my wife had breast reduction surgery when she was young). I get as much fiber into her as I can, but I can't get her to eat fermented/probiotic foods.

Dr. Art Ayers said...

Hi Raj,
1. Suppression of inflammation is good for gestation. During labor, SCFA production is stopped by bowel clearance.
2. Butyrate is most dominant.
3. Some people show inflammation or immunologically aggressive symptoms when given anti-inflammatory treatments, such as vit.D, since it can repair parts of the immune system that are damaged. I have seen this with rosacea treated with vit.D or omega-3s.
4. ?
5. Suppression of inflammation is not an advantage in all cases of virus infection or cancer, where killing can be good.

Remember that inflammation is a misnomer, since it is cycle and part of many other aspects of anabolism and activation of the immune system. NFkB is nuclear factor controlling transcription of the short (k) chains of immunoglobulins in B cells.

Thanks for the questions.

Dr. Art Ayers said...

It is unlikely that a food "sensitivity" is immunological, since they are rare. Even if it is immunological, the cure is the same as for an intolerance. In both cases missing bacteria needed to be added back.

For kids, I think that it is easiest to repair the gut flora of the entire family and pets. It is unlikely that she alone has dysbiosis, unless she has had antibiotics. Look up my other posts on repair of gut microbiota. Eliminate processed foods, have mud fights, knock off the hyper hygiene, eat veggies from soil to mouth, make sure the dog is digging enough and not washed to much and make your own fermented veggies. If you don't make kraut, you don't really care enough. (That was just for emphasis, to show it is important.)

My view is that the food sensitivities just tell you that there is a problem with gut flora and prebiotic fiber. There is no point in searching out the details of what foods are causing problems, because they all will eventually. It is just easier to cure it with new bacteria and bacteria food/fiber.

Hope this helps. Let me know.

Terri said...

Hi Dr Ayers, first I want to tell you since I had a scare of a deer tick bite and taking antibiotics and then finding out that I just wrecked by gut biome 1 1/2 yrs ago I found your website on how to fix it. Thank you so much for your work. My husband (65) and I (59) changed our diet to a healthy one (no grains, sugar, processed foods, we are farmers and grow our own beef, pork, chicken and eggs, have a vegi garden that supplies our fermented vegis that we eat - thanks to the Shockey's fermented vegi book), I lost 35 lbs and he lost 23 and lowered all his triglycerides/cholesterol levels. Since then my possible candida symptoms with itchiness, 45 yrs of constipation issues, arthritic hip problems and cracking joints, and sinus issues have gone away. My husband went in to the doctors for is lungs hurting when working outdoors and with heavy exertion 5 days ago. The next thing we know he has to go to emergency because of 1.22 enzyme (triponan) levels in his blood. He ended up with an agiogram and two stents in him (one artery was blocked and very calcified - said probably was years old and it started to reroute itself and he will be put on plavix, aspirin, cholesterol lowering drugs (even though all levels are normal except his ldl is 93 and they want him at 70 >), high blood pressure drug (his blood pressure goes from 175/? to 130/?) and some other drug to thin his blood. He experienced no real heart attack and no damage to his heart....they didn't give us any other options. They tell us he'll be on lifelong drugs or otherwise the blood clots/plaques will create another heart attack. We are tweaking the eating further making sure he loses more weight - he carries visceral fat in his abdomen - potbelly

How can I get him off all these drugs? I don't trust the medical field and I'm not sure what to do next, have any suggestions. (BTW...never go to the hospital on the weekend!!)

Raj said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dr. Art Ayers said...

Two types of genes are associated with autoimmune diseases: HLAs and inflammatory signals.

I just looked at HLA-B27 structure in Chimera and it is obvious that this presenting structure, which looks like a bun with the peptide presented as hot dog, has unusual heparin-binding basic amino acids along the edges of the bun. This means to me that as the B27/peptide complex is exposed on the surface for Tcells, the presentation is controlled by membrane heparan sulfate proteoglycans. Loading of the B27 with peptides may also be controlled by heparin-like molecules binding.

The upshot of this discussion, is that B27 may predispose to autoimmunity, but the conditions needed for autoimmunity to develop, infammation with Treg deficiency, are determined by the integrity of the gut microbiota. Klebsiella may just be an indicator of gut dysbiosis, inflammation and Treg deficiency.

Thanks for your questions.

Ron said...

Just this week I've read an article about a company which is responsible for inserting probiotics into the ventilation system of closed buildings such as malls etc in few countries.
It was said that the ventilation system of such places is a good place for bad bacteria to develop.
It was also said that it helps with chronic asthma etc.

It made me wonder what about the bacteria of the lungs? Is there such thing as lungs' microbiome and is it as important as the guts'?
It would be very interesting if you write a post or two about the microbiome of the lungs, skin etc.

Anonymous said...

Hey Doc!

Been following your blog for years, and it has really given me a whole new understanding of health and disease. So, thank you!

I hope you can take the time to give me some advice on my condition.

Over the last couple of years I've slowly been rebuilding my gut microbiota (which was completely destroyed) through fermented foods, prebiotics, 1 microbiota transplantation, and several of the other methods you have outlined on this blog.
My gut is now a lot better, but still not 100%.

During these years I've also been experiencing several other health problems, including acne vulgaris, low libido, and "fatigue". All of which I thought were a consequence of my disrupted gut.

As my gut health has improved, so has my acne, and both my skin and gut is now pretty good. However, over the last year my libidio has not gone up, but rather down. I can also feel that I perform poorly in the gym. Compared to before (I've been lifting for many years), my strength gains are poor, and it actualy feels like my body is "resisting" heavy lifting. I can feel that something is not right, and I find it hard to believe that me ageing a couple of years would have such a dramatic effect (I'm in my twenties).

I took a blood test which showed that my testosterone levels had dropped since I last took a test 4-5 years ago, but they are still within the range of what is considered normal.

Do you have any tips for me? It's higly appreciated.

glib said...

All great advice in the title. But why not "no alcohol"? It does kill a lot of bacteria. And I suspect that coffee, too, has a negative effect on the biota.

Anonymous said...

Anynoymous above here: Forgot to add that I also took two courses of Isotretinoin for my acne a couple of years back, but since the fatigue, muscle "weakness", and low libido didn't kick in until more recently, I'm not sure if it is connected. Perhaps it might be.

Anonymous said...

Anon, add some pumpkin seeds or bee pollen to increase low libido and improve testosterone.

Dr. Art Ayers said...

Acne, Accutane and libido,

I thought that Accutane was pulled from the market for being too dangerous. I think it is a stem cell toxin.

Do a Google search for "Accutane libido"

Dr. Art Ayers said...

The lung microbiota is being studied and there is influence from the gut and vice versa. The gut microbiota health is important in the course of lung problems.

Richard said...

Hi Art,

If vitamins are being used for quorum sensing etc, would that mean that taking vitamin K (MK4) for example could create an environment in which the bacteria that used MK4 to communicate were mislead and therefore, presumably, selected against, leaving you with less gut generated exogenous MK4 than you would otherwise have?

Dr. Art Ayers said...

Hi Richard (please don't tell people you are a friend),
You caught me in a slight hyperbole for clarity.

I am trying to provide a different perspective on vitamins to explain why they are produced by our gut bacteria and not us. Bacteria do nothing for gratis or our benefit. They wreak of entitlement and free lunches. And they are very chatty in biofilms and messages that they surreptitiously pass in class are made of vitamins or "chatters."

My generalization has some obvious flaws, since the vitamin designation applied to vitamin D and C doesn't make sense on the outset. So MK4 is probably not a signal like the B vitamins.

But, in general, I think that taking vitamins will mess up healthy biofilms and lead to health issues. Vitamins may be the entry drug for the medical industry. Vitamins start to disrupt your gut microbiota and gradually lead to more interventions to make you a better consumer patient.

Thanks for stopping by.

Dr. Art Ayers said...

I don't think that a little alcohol is a big deal with respect to gut bacteria. Afterall, most of the bacteria are in the colon and most of the alcohol never reaches there. Alcohol is very good for eradicating H. pylori and improves the effectiveness of antibiotic treatments. H. pylori is disappearing in America, probably because of the general antibiotic activity of common medicines. The common American Diet and associated medicines make the stomach too toxic for H. pylori.

Coffee is just a typical plant extract, crude essential oil, so it is loaded with "antioxidants", aka phytoalexins or natural antibiotics.

It is nice to know that plants have lots of naturally toxic chemicals in them, but they are of minimal risk, because your body has ample detox mechanisms and so do your gut bacteria. Biofilms protect many of our gut bacteria from phytochemicals.

Thanks for the questions.

Anna said...

Dr Art Ayers, you've mentioned that pharmaceutical drugs have an antibiotic-like activity and will unfortunately disrupt the gut this also the case for injected insulin too?
It'd be unfortunate to read that it is, especially since its the very thing that keeps Type 1 Diabetics alive.

elliebelly said...

Dr. Ayers,

Do vaccines damage our gut ?

Dr. Art Ayers said...

Most injected drugs have a much lower impact on gut bacteria than those that are taken orally, because the concentration in the gut is dramatically different. In addition, insulin is a protein, so it won't leak from blood to the bacteria in the gut. Also insulin is not like other drugs that started out as a plant polyphenolic and was then repurposed as a drug.

So insulin is no big deal for gut flora.

Note that gut bacteria adapt readily to antibiotics and they will also adapt readily to drugs. Unfortunately, we may not like that one of the common ways that bacteria adapt is by picking up multiple drug resistance plasmids.

Thanks for the question.

Dr. Art Ayers said...

Vaccines are usually proteins from viruses or bacteria, which are injected into tissue and stimulate antibody production. The stimulate part is sometimes enhanced with chemicals called adjuvants. Proteins that don't produce antibodies aggressively themselves need stronger adjuvants to produce adequate antibody responses.

In any case, the vaccine components will not usually reach the gut, so they are not an issue for gut bacteria.

The problem with most vaccines, is that they don't work or they are very short term, and they pass little protection to offspring. Most people my age got mild cases of measles as kids and were already partially protected, because our mothers had measles. Now the vaccines provide partial protection to those vaccinated and little protection is passed on. That is only good for the vaccine industry, because the population is never fully protected even if fully vaccinated, and boosters will now be required continuously. Immunity for previously common diseases is declining.

I know how to make vaccines better, but no one is asking.

Thanks for the question.

Anonymous said...


What do you think the difference is between the vitamins one gets from a "pill" vs. the vitamins one gets in whole foods? Why would the pill be a problem, but not the food? Intuitively, it makes sense to me, but I'm curious what you think.


Richard said...

Hi Art,

I am not the Richard that you are thinking of, but would of course be happy to be considered a friend. I was not trying to catch you out or anything of the sort. I don't know much about biology and have learned what little I "know" in an attempt to deal with chronic fatigue, chronic migraine and all the issues that have come from living with them.

I asked about MK4 because: a) I'm taking it; b) I realise that even though I take it with lipids and bile salts, a large amount (from the perspective of the bacteria) will still make it into the colon unabsorbed; and c) I know that the menaquinones are produced by bacteria used to make cheese, natto and various fermented vegetables.

I could have as easily asked about the other vitamins and supplements that I am or have been taking. My thought was that if your gut contained large doses of quorum sensing molecules, or other molecules that are of a sufficiently similar structure to work as quorum sensing molecules, the noise would outstrip the signal and in consequence the bacteria that used those molecules would begin to act disadvantageously and their population would therefore decline. The concern was obviously about the large doses that we use when we a deficient (5-45mg for MK4 hundreds of milligrams for b1, b2, b3, b5, grams for vitamin c!) might cause dysbiosis and in particular a dysbiosis that could, by taking out the bacteria that produce that vitamin, be setting you up for a long term deficiency in that very vitamin.

Dr. Art Ayers said...

I guess all Richard are not interchangeable.

I think that your fears of vitamin induced dysbiosis are reasonable, since modern high dose vitamins are certainly something that gut flora and the human gut would not naturally experience.

Bacteria in biofilms along the whole length of the gut are probably the major source of vitamins and dietary plants are probably of no consequence. Vitamins may be in plants to inhibit plant pathogens from forming biofilms.

Thanks for the questions.

Anonymous said...

Dr Ayers, I've read your postings on Probiotic 3 & Potato Starch for autoimmune disease & allergies but what are you thoughts on "leaky gut" (which seems to be the rage these days)? Also, I read that fermented foods raise homocysteine levels, do you have any thoughts on this? & Can I ask which Probiotic 3 you recommend? Thanks so much! I'm loving your Blog and appreciate the information that you are giving out! Kim

Dr. Art Ayers said...

I was talking about Probiotic-3, Advanced Orthomolecular Research, because it has Clostridium butyricum that grows on RS and produces butyrate. RS is just the most basic of the prebiotic soluble fibers and happens to be available by the tablespoon. It is probably more favorable to eat RS and other prebiotics in whole foods, but that is probably no big deal.

Fermented foods and homocysteine - no thoughts

Leaky gut seems to me to be the response of the gut to stressed gut bacteria. So the gut flushes away the local gut bacteria and takes in some bacterial LPS into the blood stream and produces inflammation and liver defense proteins, e.g. DNAse I. So it is a defense and should be just temporary and reset, just as inflammation is a healing cycle and leads back to a normal status.

Thanks for the questions.

Unknown said...

Okay, I am asking. How do you make vaccines better?

Also, I read about your comments on metformin. I have taken in for a while to help with PCOS and the road towards menapause. My gut bacteria has probably already changed. Would it be better to just keep on taking it or stop?

Anonymous said...

Please elaborate low impact introduction of new bacteria?

List some vegetables that can be helpful in improving gut microbes and which ones to avoided.

Some veggies causes me problem like if i take spinach it comes out undigested as it is in stool.Any remedies for this

Can consuming colloidal silver improve ibs??

Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Some studies says consuming alcohol in moderation
can help in decreasing symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. How?? Whats your thoughts on this.


Anonymous said...

i think you wrote about PEG as a good thing, "PEG may end up being a general treatment for many diseases. It could be followed by a fecal transplant from a healthy individual. That may be the future of medicine, handling" did things changed?

Kay Dee said...

Dr. Ayers, just a few simple but important, for me, questions (sorry for the off topics):

MS, as autoimmune disease, can respond well to a Gut Flora Repair Plan / Anti-Inflammatory Diet Plain for life?

The integrations you recommend always are Omega3, Vit. D3, Vit. C, Acetylcisteine (glutathione)?
Are EPA-DHA particularly effective since they pass easily the Blood Brain Barrier?

The conventional MS treatment (I suppose Immunosuppressor) vanish the Plan or is it possible a sort of modulation or integration between your Plain and conventional treatment.
Thank you Dr. Ayers

Dr. Art Ayers said...

Kay Dee,
I see MS as an autoimmune disease that passes across the blood brain barrier. The BBB like the kidney/urine barrier is supported by heparan sulfate, but the HS is blocked by inflammation. Thus, chronic inflammation breeches the BBB and permits immune attack of the nerve sheath.

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet that I outline helps to avoid diet-based chronic inflammation and suppresses inflammation from other sources, so it helps to reestablish the BBB, which is good for MS.

The autoimmune part of MS requires continued disfunction of the tolerance part of the immune system. (Typical treatments tend to wipe out the remaining aggressive part of the immune system that is attacking the nervous system.) The root cause of MS is defective development of the suppressive part of the immune system in the gut in response to particular species of gut microbiota, e.g. Clostridia.

Repair of the gut microbiota should stop the progression and perhaps reverse the attack by the immune system by redeveloping immune tolerance of the nerve proteins. I discuss repair in several other posts. The important point that is missed in attempts to repair gut bacteria is that particular new bacterial species must be added to the gut, i.e. eaten. The cure is ultimately new bacteria plus prebiotic fiber to feed them.

It seems to me that the cure for MS is the Anti-inflammatory Diet plus repair of gut microbiota. I don't see this approach as in conflict with conventional attack on the aggressive immune system except that drugs used may be antibiotics that kill gut microbiota.

Thanks for the questions.

Unknown said...

I would image our gut flora would recover well in these occasional situations - cleanse/diarrhea/enema - However, the individuals doing cleanses likely already have some level of damaged flora to begin with since they are seeking digestive relief, weight-loss, etc.

glib said...

"Bacteria in biofilms along the whole length of the gut are probably the major source of vitamins and dietary plants are probably of no consequence. Vitamins may be in plants to inhibit plant pathogens from forming biofilms."

wow, this goes against anything that is taught in nutrition. but it is possible. why, for example, the Swiss high mountain people are healthy, in Weston Price's book, if they eat milk and other dairy, rye bread, plus some roots and meat, about six months a year?

Annoy said...

Hi Dr. Ayers

My Naturopath told me that studies show that introduced probiotics don't take up residence permantly and even the best ones only stay in the digestive tract for about 2 weeks. He told me that they don't yet understand why this is. I have been sick for some ten years and with gut issues, joint problems, weight loss and easy fatigue. The worst symptom is brain fog that comes on when I eat just about anything but worst with sweets. It comes on very quickly and cause blurry vision, balance problems and inability to think clearly and slurred speech like am drunk. It got so bad at one point I nearly had to quit working. Anyway to cut a long story short I stopped taking all the supplements and started on fermented foods and made the most improvements in years. I am going to start soil based probiotics next with prebiotics. Also my joint pain disappeared and I have been able to return to exercise which has made me so much happier. anyway thanks it was through your blog and Dr.Grace Lui's that I started to get my life back.



Unknown said...

Re alcohol.

I am pretty sure that straight spirits would effect the biome of the mouth and throat. Not sure if this matters but a good balance of healthy bacteria in the mouth is important to maintain healthy teeth and avoid colds. I think over chlorinated public swimming pools damage the immune system in the Ear, Nose Throat area. I got so many colds after swimming I gave up and only swim in lakes and rivers now.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Ayers,

You said, "I know how to make vaccines better, but no one is asking."

I'm asking.


TheKumaraKid said...

Hi Dr. Ayers,
I love your blog. After reading your blog I'm began taking soil based probiotics, that is until I learned about fermenting foods. I bought your friends' book. The results have been great, I finally had again the clarity of thought, healing of skin, and an easy time on the toilet that I last had as a child.

So naturally I have been printing out and sharing your blog with family who also have auto-immune disorders and food intolerances, however they stumble on the more technical terms and then give up reading the blog.

Could you please reproduce your 3 health diagrams or another summary in more simple English so that more people will benefit from the findings of your research? Or perhaps a publish a book?

Keep up the great work!!

Natasha said...

Dr. Ayers,

My husband has another auto-immune disease. First one, type one diabetes. Second one, sarcoidosis. It's been two years since his diagnosis and we have avoided steroids. He was doing better, now he is doing badly again,not able to work and barely functioning. The doctor says we will have to do steroids, or he won't qualify for disability pension.

My husband hates saurkraut, always has. Things all the fermented stuffis awful. He was willing to do potato starch, but withe all the in-fighting over RS2 and RS3, I have not given him any. He was raised on canned milk, never breastfed. I see the steroids as a slippery slope to complete dysfunction. He is only 50 years old.


Anonymous said...

Dr. A,
Love the blog!

Wondering if you consider doing an entry (or share your thoughts) on beans.

Again, love the blog...thanks so much for all your time and effort.


Dr. Art Ayers said...

All I can say about beans:
I eat them.
They provide a glucan prebiotic that is good for gut flora.
People have problems with beans, because they are lacking the bacteria to digest the prebiotic. I have several posts on repairing gut bacteria.

Thanks for the comments.

Dr. Art Ayers said...

I cannot understand how people will refuse to change eating habits. If they just persist for three weeks, their tastes will change. It is that simple. That is why they have kids eat one bite each day.

The RS2/3 quarrel is silly. The point is that potato starch is easy and useful for many people. Some people lack the bacteria to digest RS2, so they can just take Probiotic-3 with C. butyricum. In all cases, it is better to eat whole vegetables with several different prebiotic fibers. So, don't get distracted by arguments and feed your microbiota with prebiotics.

Thanks for the questions.

Marianne said...

Hi Dr,
Thank you for all the amazing information. My question is regarding pathogens...I just had a slew of tests done with a DC, I have hashi's, elevated a1c & cholesterol,trashed adrenals and sex hormones, chronic constipation, like never remember having a normal bowl movement, except when pregnant?? My stool test revealed low bacterial diversity (shocking, I know!) and high levels of klebsiella pneuomoniae, eosinophil protein x and prevotella. After all that my question is do you believe it's necessary to kill pathogens with herbals etc or to move right into ferments.. I started fermenting and using resistant starch and was having no measurable improvement. Thanks! Marianne

glib said...

under the influence of this blog I have started adding pieces of ACV mother to my smoothies about once a week, with excellent results. I don't think I ever had such a long run of apparently good gut health.

I have found that 4-days beans (2 days soaked, 2 days germinated) are much lighter than regular beans or potatoes for that matter. Next I have to try 2-days fermented grains. all little but not insignificant improvements to one's health.

Natasha said...

Dear Dr. Ayers,

Hi! Thanks for the feedback. Sorry to have an irritating post. I didn't know my husband was so limited in his food selection until after we got married.

There is a story behind each refusal. Among other issues, he is sensitive to smell and texture of food. Perhaps a little on the Autism Spectrum... and a fair bit of stubbornness.

Over the years, working within the limitations and never tricking him, I have introduced some new foods. Raised the quality too. He used to eat at McDonald's daily and now he has declared himself "alllergic".

I will keep working on him. Perhaps starting with pills and fibers. Maybe someday ferments. If I had my way we would have a kitchen full of crocks bubbling away, and a shaggy dog at my feet.

I enjoy your research and writings. Thanks again. N.

Dr. Art Ayers said...

Fermented veggies provide three things:
1. Lactobacilli, like dairy probiotics that do not grow in the gut, but provide immune system development as they pass through, i.e. temporary function
2. Veggies are converted into prebiotic fiber to feed gut bacteria in the colon that convert fiber into short chain fatty acids that feed other bacteria that make up half of normal stools and prevent constipation.
3. Some of the normal gut bacteria that will repair your damaged gut flora.

Resistant starch is just the food for some of the essential gut bacteria needed for development of the immune system. Eating RS will increase the population of healthy gut bacteria in the colon, but only if the bacteria are already present in small numbers. In your case, your constipation indicates that most of the essential species of gut bacteria have been killed off. Some probiotics, e.g. Probiotic-3 and soil based, may be sources of a small number of the types of bacteria that you are missing.

An indication that you are starting to establish bacteria in your colon will be normal bowel stools in response to eating RS or apples and other prebiotic fiber.

Let me know of your progress.

Anonymous said...

Do you consider Fermented Cod Liver Oil/High Vitamin Butter Oil a supplement? I've been taking a teaspoon of it for years; now I wonder if this might be a mistake? Thanks!

herve said...

Thanks for your stance on colon cleanse. We see them everywhere in the alternative health industry, i've always thought it was a bunch of baloney but nevery really knew the reasons behind why they are wrong.

Anonymous said...

I thought of you and your gut work when I saw this video on Autism being connected to gut bacteria...clostridium Suppress the bacteria and the kid does much better but if antibiotic is withheld the ASD behavior returns. Our microwaved society is triggering the clostridium to explode...cell phones, ipads, iphones, wifi, televisions all emitting blue light frequency.

genius786 said...

hmmm Nice.

how to get rid of belly fat

Eli Joseph said...

I was looking for information on Green supplements, and so I landed here in between. Well you shared really informative thoughts here. Can you tell me is there any side effect of taking Supplements on daily basis with some other medicines. Please share some information.

Andy B. said...

Dear Dr. Ayers,

First of all, thank you so much for your generous efforts in making this world a healthier place!

I've been struggling with an inflammation in the great saphenous vein (left leg), for which I was repeatedly wrongly advised by various doctors based on a venous reflux in the echo-doppler test;—result: they all said to operate, INSTEAD of looking into the root problem!

Had I listened, I wouldn’t have found out so much (Michael Pollan's books, Sandor Katz's fermentations, Weston Price, etc.) about what is wrong with my nutrition;—although plenty of fruit & veggies, mom taught us margarine, low fat, carbs etc.
Only recently, after months of reading did I realize that my nutrition had excessive Omega 6 intake!

For the past 9 months, I've been almost sofa-ridden trying to get control of the veins associated to the great saphenous vein, that are not really varicose or twisted but are swollen and blue, until I realized I was eating too much fruit and not taking enough Omega 3 in conjunction with saturated fat.
I had followed the classic organic apple cider vinegar remedy with a bit of sodium bicarbonate (2 soupspoons vinegar with 1/8 of sodium bicarbonate to alkalize in a glass of water, twice daily), which resulted in loosing excessively weight (20Kg.) and I was a thin but strong runner of 75Kg/height: 1.80m, but I got much better, —though only very, very slowly!

I am sticking to the anti-inflammatory diet: so no starch&carbs, by eating a variety of veggies/leafy greens with fish and seafood, and only 1 piece of fruit after dinner.

I also take with breakfast Seven Seas high strength cod liver oil which contains about 4000mg EPA&DHA and 2000i.u. Vit. A (Retinol), about 10microgr. Vit. D, and 15microgr. of Vit. E, together with some 10% fat greek yogurt and some veggies with butter to stimulate bile activity as you mention.

At lunch: seafood or fish with veggies and 500mg of Vit. C and an overall supplement that contains the following in small amounts: Glucosamine sulphate, Magnesium, Silicium, Calcium, Pantothenic acid, Fluor and Vit. B1, B2, B3, B6, B12.

And for dinner again: big mixed salad or steamed veggies with fish or seafood, occasionally an egg and 1 x Daflon 500mg tablet (Hesperidin, Isorhoifolin, Linarin and Diosmetin) so that I can have one fruit, since the flavonoids seem to control also blood sugar or insulin spike. In the afternoon I take a short sun-bath of about 35min, to get some more Vit. D, although my fat deposits are so depleted that I am struggling probably to synthesize it properly. Curcumin with a bit of black pepper diluted in some water, also helped when I was experiencing burning and stinging in the vein in the past, within 30-45min everything would calm down and I am now only applying some organic apple cider vinegar wraps around the leg, which seems to help tighten the veins, stimulate circulation and provide a host of enzymes and minerals to the surface veins in treatment.

Based on your anti-inflammatory regime, I saw drastic results within less than a week, in what has become an ordeal of over 9 months in which various other veins became blue, spider veins appeared around my ankles and larger veins swelling up. temporarily when standing for too long, and then starting to disappear again with prolonged days of rest and plenty of vinegar.
(Compression socks made it worse, so I skipped them.)

I am indebted to you, and express my gratitude for teaching me the potential inflammatory impact of sugars in fruit (and not only), which I was eating in excess 6-8 pieces per day, to keep an adequate vitamin intake and energy level since I skipped completely on starch and carbohydrates of any kind, but did not see the improvement I saw in the last week.

If you have the time, and it's not too much to ask, could you perhaps be so kind to have a look... if there is any improvement to be made in what I am already successfully applying?

With tremendous respect and gratitude,


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Anonymous said...

Hi -

Just wondering if you have any thoughts on the big controversy brewing over Cod Liver Oil vs. Fermented Cod Liver Oil? You say most vitamins are made by our gut bacteria, but why do so many in the Ancestral Health Movement, those who believe strongly in eating fermented foods to create a healthy gut micro biome, still feel taking CLO is beneficial? Can you comment on this? Thanks!


Dr. Art Ayers said...

There doesn't seem to be much of a controversy and several authorities have commented. There doesn't seem to be much of a difference. I don't understand why fermentation has been brought into the mix. Fermented cod liver oil, doesn't seem to me to be related to fermented veggies, i.e. essentially dairy probiotics plus prebiotic fiber. There doesn't seem to me to be an obvious relationship between CLO and a healthy gut microbiome. Omega-3s are good and beneficial in the context of inflammation. So, CLO or FCLO may be helpful therapeutically, but they shouldn't be of much benefit to healthy people/healthy guts.

Fermented veggies are beneficial because they provide lactic acid related bacteria that are surrogates for a healthy gut microbiota with respect to immune system development. Homemade ferments provide the extra benefit of stray bacteria that can actually contribute to the gut microbiome. FCLO would presumably be of minimal benefit in this context, because the bacteria present are from commercial starter cultures.

Thanks for the questions.

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Unknown said...

Dear Dr. Ayers

What do you think of the "Auto Immune Protocol"? I suffer from numerous intolerances and I am intrigued by your clostridium butyricum and resistant starch approach. Would be possible that your approach made it unnecessary to do such a strict protocol? How long would you wait to reintroduce foods that I am intolerant for to test?

Thanks so much for your work!


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Ideally, the ones over the 100 mg segment are only embraced for serious levels of ED. Though in this article we are referring to exclusively about the Cenforce 100 pills just, this might be an abundance or an underdose for you depending upon what your ability levels for taking in regular Sildenafil are and the sum you can adjust to, and what levels of ED you are encountering.

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Fildena 120 Because this medicine is a great drug and is chosen based on the most remote points in particular. If an individual experiences side effects or signs of erectile dysfunction, he should visit a specialist and explain everything clearly.
The specialist selects the sum and frequencies of the Fildena 150 based on the body’s degree of seriousness and need. In an ideal world, tablets should be required at least 40 minutes before s*x. Don’t over-expect the best.

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This medication helps in accomplishing or keeping up with a reasonable erection during the action by further developing the Tadalista 60 mg of blood into the penis. Assuming that you have the issue of early release or are incapable of initial endeavor is advantageous to save erection for quite a while. This medication increment stream of blood into the penis and serves for male individuals to get or keep up with erection by forestalling the activity of phosphodiesterase type5 (PDE-5) chemical. This medication ought to be taken overall with a full glass of water for 30 minutes to 1 hour when you plan for sexual activity with your female accomplice. Tadalista 60 mg for sale at a Pillsforcare.

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It takes a long time for the mind to dispense with pot (and its metabolites), so mental capability might be impacted for north of a day subsequent to smoking or ingesting one portion.
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Cenforce 150 said...

Cenforce 150 medicine lasts from 4 to 6 hours, the exact same amount of time as traditional Viagra. The effects of this drug can be felt quickly after 30 minutes of ingestion, with the Cenforce 150 pills concentration usually taking full effect two hours after ingestion. For best results, users of
Cenforce 120 drug are advised to take it one hour before planned s*xual activity. When it comes to comparing Cenforce 150 and Viagra, the only differences between the two products are the price and quantity of the active ingredient, Sildenafil. Since
Cenforce 50 is stronger than , it is considered a more effective choice for men who find lower doses ineffective.
Cenforce D is mistakenly believed that higher doses of this drug increase the chances of unwanted side effects, this is not true. Studies have shown that the risk of side effects does not increase when a stronger dose is taken. Studies have explained that although a higher dosage of sildenafil increases the effectiveness of
cenforce fm 100mg drug and it may stay active longer, there was no increased risk of experiencing serious or unwanted side effects. Sildenafil medicines such as Cenforce 150 are renowned for helping the user achieve multiple erections while taking the drug. However, it is worth noting that this medicine restores erectile function only during s*xual stimulation.

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Fildena Chewable is a generic sildenafil citrate tablet which is a preferable option for improving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Fildena professional 100mg contains sildenafil citrate as an active ingredient in this medicine which helps men to get harder and longer erection. is a white chewable triangular pill specifically designed for people who want the tablet in a chewable form. Fildena XXX drug improves s*xual dysfunction by helping men to have harder erections for a long time. Also called this triangular pill Generic Viagra and the reason behind this is the generic version of Sildenafil Citrate. Many people consider Fildena 120 to be a s*xual desire stimulator for men which can enable you to have an energetic and powerful s*xual desire. This is the average and popular dose of Sildenafil Citrate that can help a man enjoy s*xual play time in an amazing way. Men use Fildena 150 without prescription because they have no shortcomings. They just want to increase and enjoy the extended s*xual time with their partner.

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Vidalista black 80 is an advanced erectile dysfunction drug that uses the active component of the drug Tadalafil in a powerful dose of 80mg. It is a powerful medicine that treats the problem of erectile dysfunction, Extra Super Vidalista hypertension, hyperplasia and other problems related to blood flow naturally without being addictive. It works naturally, so you don't have to continue taking the drug even after the underlying symptoms have healed. If you have this problem, consult your doctor and start taking Vidalista 80 . Take one dose of Vidalista Black 80 by Extra Super Vidalista with whole water without interrupting or altering the dose. Vidalista 60 can also be taken with or without a meal. But for faster results, it can be taken after a light meal or on an empty stomach. Avoid taking it after a heavy or fatty meal. Once taken, it can give you spontaneity for up to 5 hours. In some cases, you may even feel the effects for longer. Vidalista 40 Headache, priapism, body pain, chest agony, blurry vision, drowsiness, etc are some of the commonly observed side effects. These side effects tend to show their effect in a short duration as the body gets adapted to the drug in a longer duration. Once you start the medication, you can feel the effects sooner than any other Vidalista 20 ED medication. Consult the doctor before starting the medication.

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Iverheal 12mg is an antiparasitic, recommended by doctors to treat intestinal worm infections. These parasites weaken the immune system, causing a drop in quality of life. It contains ivermectin as its main ingredient, which has been used since the 1980s and has also found use in the treatment of lice in the form of creams and lotions. However, it is best known for fighting intestinal parasites. Ziverdo kit binds to glutamate-gated chloride channels in invertebrate nerve and muscle cells, resulting in increased cell permeability, hyperpolarization of nerve cells, leading to paralysis and death of nerve cells. parasites. Supercharge is usually available in 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg tablets. Your doctor will decide your dose based on your condition and needs. Depending on the intensity of the parasitic infestation, the dosage will be adapted. Sometimes weight and age are taken into account when prescribing this drug. Take the tablets on an empty stomach and avoid drinking alcohol, as this may increase some of the side effects of Iverheal 6mg . Since Overhead 12 mg is usually given in a single dose, there may not be a strict schedule to follow. However, if you are on a schedule and miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. If it is too close to your next dose, that is, less than 12 hours away, you can skip the dose altogether.

Ezrabrown said...

Fildena XXX 100 is a drug used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It contains sildenafil as its main component and is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is a set of medicines from Fortuna Healthcare. Fildena Professional 100 medicine is made from all-natural ingredients and incorporates the powerful combination of all the essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins for our body to function properly. Fildena Chewable 100 is a product for men suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotence. It contains generic sildenafil citrate and improves the flow of nitric oxide in your body, which leads to fast and strong erection as well as arousal. Fildena Super Active is an improved version of Fildena 50 tablets with a powerful generic substance that inhibits the hormone PDE-5. It will start its activities with the inhibition of PDE-5 hormones in a patient's body, which will cause the cGMP hormone to start its action with the activation of nitric oxide in the blood. Nitric oxide supplements increase the amount of nitric oxide in our blood. The time required for this to happen is about 30 minutes. It is recommended to take Fildena 100 with water or juice to avoid adverse effects.

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Cenforce D is a combination drug that helps various men around the world to deal with sxual disorders. Cenforce 120 medication is specially formulated to treat multiple conditions at once. It is important to know that Cenforce 50 is an excellent new drug that treats erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men. Cenforce 100 of Sildenafil and 60 mg of Dapoxetine. These two active ingredients are recognized for their efficacy and high safety. Along with this, sildenafil and dapoxetine are the most common active ingredients in other medications that treat ED and PD. Cenforce 150 You need to understand that Sildenafil is found in various medications that treat erectile dysfunction like Viagra while Dapoxetine is found in PE treatments. This combination of two drugs offers instant results, making Cenforce 200 a reliable drug for patients with erectile dysfunction and PE. Cenforce FM 100 medicine helps several men to treat their s*xual problems and enjoy their love sessions again.

Ezrabrown said...

Vidalista 60 medicine is usually used to treat erectile dysfunction problems. Erectile dysfunction is one of the least proven bodily disorders that has gone overboard. It has become a worldwide problem where people find it so difficult to have a healthy erection at the time of s*xual activity.Extra Super Vidalista are not satisfied and most of the time erectile dysfunction becomes the gateway to other potential bodily disorders. Many relationships break up just because of this; people do not know about the treatment, which is excellent for erectile dysfunction. In most cases where erectile dysfunction presents as a disorder, what usually happens is that people often do not seek help. But it is essential to ask for help and ask people to do the treatment as hard as possible.

Ezrabrown said...

Vilitra 40 Contains as main ingredient Vardenafil. Erectile dysfunction is when a man is unable to have or comfort an erection. People all over the world suffer from erectile dysfunction. To solve all these problems you need to take these pills. But above all what makes you suffer the most is s*xual dissatisfaction. People wonder why a woman resorts to extramarital affairs when she is new to her marriage. It is the s*xual dissatisfaction received from her husband that pushes her to look for other options. Let's leave aside for a moment the question of morality and insist that after we are adults, s*xual pleasure is also part of our needs. The strength and dose of Vilitra 20 depends solely on the doctor. These are parameters that change with individual patients. A slight change in strength and dosage can result in dramatic changes that can be good or bad. Vardenafil has only one purpose when taken in the form of Super Vilitra .

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Kamagra Oral Jelly is a medication used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It has been shown to be an effective drug, all it does is increase blood flow to the p*nis. Kamagra oral jelly belongs to a group of phosphodiesterase-type drugs.Super Kamagra should only be consumed on the recommendation of a doctor. Also, it should be consumed on an empty stomach or can also be taken with a meal. Be sure to take the drug within an hour of s*xual intercourse. Although the time it takes for the effects to show can vary from person to person. Kamagra Chewable Please note that this medication is only for people with erectile dysfunction and should not be taken more than once a day.

Ezrabrown said...

Sildalist 120 is a new specialized drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It includes two of the simplest and most widely used ingredients for treating impotence: Sildalist is available in a pack of strips and each strip consists of 6 medications. Sildalist One Hundred and Twenty is one of the high-quality generics on the market that remedy erectile dysfunction. Each of the medications plays a vital role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Aurogra 100 One Hundred and Twenty contains Sildenafil Citrate and Tadalafil, both in one tablet. The first is vital to motivate the erection after s*xual stimulation. Due to its effect, the blood flow to the genitals is significantly increased. That is why the erection occurs.

cenforcepills said...

L-arginine is a versatile amino acid that helps in producing proteins and is converted to nitric oxide in the body. This gas is critical to erectile function, as it aids in the circulation of oxygen-rich blood. A healthy flow of blood to the penis is essential for normal erectile function. But despite its alleged benefits, L-arginine does not fully restore healthy erectile function in men with ED pills like Cenforce FM. A study conducted by the Mayo Clinic rated it a C.

OlexiiProkopa124 said...

Cenforce Tablets is a drug for adult men suffering from erection disorder. Sildenafil citrate is the active compound in this medicine. Indeed, Cenforce is a brand or trading name of the generic Sildenafil drug. It is a potent compound and very effective in providing an erection to adult men within a few minutes.

cenforcepills said...

Another natural way to overcome erectile dysfunction with Cenforce 100 is through eating more salmon. Salmon is high in vitamin D, a substance that comes from sunlight. It can help you get enough vitamin D and prevent endothelial dysfunction, a condition that causes blood to circulate poorly in the body.

cenforcepills said...

Obesity can negatively affect the blood vessels that supply the penis. It can lead to damage to the endothelium, preventing blood flow to the penis. Moreover, because poor heart health can result in poor erections, obesity can also result in other problems. It also leads to the narrowing of arteries and cholesterol buildup in the walls of the arteries. Your health issue solve pills like Cenforce 50.

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Throughout the annals of medical history, the advent of groundbreaking treatments has been life-altering for countless individuals. For many, the journey of confronting and overcoming health challenges has been significantly transformed by the discovery of Vidalista. Today, I wish to delve into these personal narratives to shed light on the profound impact Vidalista has made on the lives of many.

John, a 52-year-old banker, recounts his tale of endless online searches for an efficacious solution to his predicament. “I was initially skeptical when I stumbled upon Vidalistatab online.

One topic that consistently surfaced during her sessions was the debate surrounding 'Vidalista 20 vs Cialis.' “It's remarkable,” she said, “how a significant number of my clients have vouched for the efficacy of Tadalafil Tablet over traditional options. The newfound confidence and vitality they experience often rekindle lost sparks in their relationships.”

David, a fitness instructor in his late 40s, fondly remembers his transition from Vidalista 10mg to Vidalista 60mg. “The shift was a game-changer,” he exclaimed. “The 10mg variant provided relief, no doubt. But the 60mg dose brought about a level of assurance and vigor I hadn’t felt in years!”

Vidalista, in its various dosages, has sculpted a transformative path for many. Whether it's the ease of purchasing Vidalista online, the continued debate of Vidalista 20 vs Cialis, or the varied experiences of those on Vidalista 10mg, 60mg, or 80 mg, the impact is undeniable. It is more than just a pill; for many, it's a gateway to renewed hope, confidence, and a life they once only dreamed of.

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Cenforce 120 is a trusted solution from GenericMedStore to enhance your intimate life. This medication, containing 120mg of Sildenafil Citrate, is designed to address erectile dysfunction effectively. It enables you to achieve and maintain a satisfying and lasting erection, revitalizing your intimate moments. GenericMedStore offers a discreet and user-friendly platform for purchasing Cenforce 120. With their commitment to quality and affordability, you can trust that your intimate life will benefit from this trusted generic medication. Say goodbye to the frustrations of ED, and say hello to a more fulfilling and enjoyable intimate life with Cenforce 120 from GenericMedStore.

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